(NAPERVILLE IL, April 28, 2009) Advocate is the new name for the Naperville firm formerly known as Advocate Accounting & Business Solutions. “It’s just a simple word change, from Solutions to Services,” according to Advocate’s principal, James A. Sherman, CPA. “But Solutions suggested that clients should call us because they had a problem, and we would help them solve it. Hopefully Services will convey that we’re there for our clients all the time, and will keep problems from arising,” Sherman said. Advocate, headquartered at 602B W 5th Avenue in Naperville, serves local business clients as well as companies throughout the United States.

Sherman also added that “solutions” has become a technology buzzword, possibly leading some to believe that Advocate’s business was to recommend software rather than to provide the advice and support of a former Fortune 500 CFO to mid-sized and emerging companies, along with professional accounting and administrative services.

“As we reviewed our progress and our strategic plan after our first six years in business, we diagnosed the need to clarify our brand promise, which included more forcefully conveying how we differ from other accounting firms, both from the 85% who concentrate on individuals and their tax returns and from the prominent handful of giant firms serving other giant firms. Our difference boils down to three things:
  • We concentrate on firms like ourselves – entrepreneurial companies, both startups and established mid-sized organizations.—who can benefit from the economies of shared services and from access to the expertise of a former Fortune 500 CFO
  • We offer a menu of choices, including both advisory and administrative services – so clients can determine if their need is for professional support in areas like accounting, financial analysis, and tax planning, or administrative support like record-keeping, bill-paying, and similar routines, or some combination of both.
  • Our ongoing message to business owners is to focus on growing the business, and to not get bogged down on operational detail that can be delegated or outsourced. “There’s no point in doing superbly well that which you should not be doing at all,” Sherman cautions.
The new corporate identity has been reflected in new corporate stationery and business signage, and also in a new pocket brochure describing Advocate’s activities on behalf of its clients, and available free on request from the company at (630) 778-7333 or

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